Hannele Rantala
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How I work

Most of my works aim at immateriality, and are processes whose end result is often a temporary, site-specific work. The media I mostly use are photographs and installations. I try to expand the concept of visual art by also using direct acts, texts and performances in realizing my pieces.

My works often come about in motion, out of rapid observation. In this case, the very way they are produced in concrete form is also in motion. Apart from exploration and the idea of motion, they contain an attempt at communication.

Joseph Beuys’ view of the collective reception of art is interesting in terms of my works. In Beuys’ idea of social sculpture, the hierarchy between artist and viewer appears to collapse. Especially in performative works the viewer becomes the author’s equal. Even though the author suggests themes and thoughts to the viewer, the meanings emerge in and through the recipient.

In their content, my pieces deal with departures, homelessness and change, a borderline state or situation. I myself have spent years living and working abroad, including in Moscow, Paris and Brussels. The issues involved in being a foreigner are familiar to me through my own experience.

What is art, really?

What I love about art is that I can say some random, careless phrase, like: The tagliatelles of spring have arrived. When you think about it for a while, it starts to take on meanings.

Art is thinking. I suppose.

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