Hannele Rantala
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Photographs, words, adjacent rooms


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Shadow is an attempt to trace absent memories, vestiges of a world that existed before my own time, a world that has already disappeared, but which still affects my life. It involves something that comes from the individual’s own life, and yet is common to everyone. The way it is hung is reminiscent of a jigsaw puzzle with some pieces missing; we know it forms a pattern, even though we do not quite envisage what the pattern is. Because the installation is constructed in a continual process, it is not all visible at any one time.

At first, the work is formed out of images. During the exhibition, they leave the wall one by one. As the pictures vanish, a parallel world of words is formed in the adjacent room. By the time the exhibition ends, the work has switched rooms and reconstituted itself from pictures into words. In this kind of parallel system each part is incomplete without the other, and yet they are simultaneously present somewhere out of our reach.